Check back frequently for plans and what's happening for the 2022-2023 school year!

School Calendar '22-23
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Start Dates
Teachers                                                                            Students
August 1st                                                                   August 15th


School Supply Lists

WSISD is purchasing some of the items on the school supply list.
Those items are not listed on the printed school supply list that you are given.

Additional items that students will need include

A separate pair of tennis shoes for PE. No "street shoes" will be allowed on the gym floors.
A water bottle.(Must be a plastic large mouth see through bottle with a secure lid).

Link to school supplies (.pdf)

New Hornet Employees

Teddy Ott

Kelly Ott
Curriculum Specialist/Intervention teacher / English 9-10
Mary Sanders
5-8 Math
Hannah Hankins
1st Grade

April Proffitt
3rd Grade



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