Elementary Classes

Pre_Kindergarten -  Kindergarten - 

1st Grade - 

2nd Grade - 

3rd Grade - 

4th Grade - 

P.E. -

Yoland Gilbert

Sue Dickinson

Jana Whatley

Glenda Phillips

Jennifer Grubbs

Beth Devereaux

Clayton Williams

Junior High Classes

5th Grade - 

6th / 7th Soc St & Sci - 

5th - 7th Math - 

6th - 8th ELA/Reading - 

8th Soc Stu - 

8th Science - 

8th Math - 

JH Boys PE/Athletics - 

JH Girls PE / Athletics - 

Faye Hamill

Julia Snyder

Gene Carter

Joanne Allred

Lonnie Flippen

Diana Shropshire

Dainelle Mills

Lonnie Flippen

Jonathan Harbour

High School

English - 

Math - 

Science - 

AG Science- 

Fam & Consumer Science- 

Band / Rosetta Stone - 

Social Studies - 

HS Girls' Coach - 

HS Boys' Coach - 

Carolyn Davis

Danielle Mills

Gene Carter

Diana Shropshire

Tommy Webb

Dana Wise

Allen Jackson

Tim Trotter

Lonnie Flippen

Jonathan Harbour

Tim Trotter

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