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Request for Quotes
WSISD will post upcoming projects here with an overview of the project and requirements for completion


Security Fence
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Fall 2021-Completion Spr 2022



Smart Boards - 75"
number of units - 22; include installation and training in quotes
Begin Spring '23 - Completion Summer '23


Ag Shop Upgrade 1
remove existing ceiling / replace with sprayed on insulation
Begin Fall '23 - Completion October '23


Mid Size Bus
new or used bus for extracurricular activities - 20-40 passenger
Begin Summer '23 - Completion Spring '24

Access Control Entry
Parts and installation of equipment to provide keyless access control system for campus.
Begin Fall '23 - Completion Spring 24

Tennis Court Fencing Repair
Remove existing fence / Replace with new fence /adding side entrances
Begin fall '22 - Completion Mar '23


new or used vehicle for a police department
Begin Summer '23 - Completion October '23


Ag Shop Upgrade 2
Add metal awning to south side of shop to cover existing slab
Begin Fall '23 - Completion Dec '23

Additional Security Cameras
Add cameras to existing Axis system

Begin Fall '23 - Completion Spring 24

Panic Button setup
Parts and installation of equipment to provide wireless panic buttons in all classrooms.
Begin Fall '23 - Completion Spring 24

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