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2020 - 2021

HS Academic Contestants

Cassidy Goen - 1st / Current Events **

Liana Lares - 1st Number Sense**

Bela Oldham - 1st Ready Writing**
Corey Hargrove - 1st Physics**
Cassie Stanley - 1st Chemistry**

Pablo Gonzales - 2nd Physics
Corey Hargrove - 2nd Chemistry
Bernie Rico - 4th Biology

Cassie Stanley - 4th Math
Jacob Holloway -Math
Burl - Calculator, Number Sense

2nd Place Science Team

Pablo, Corey, Bela, Bernie
3rd Place Math Team
Cassie,Liana, Jacob

** denotes Regional Qualifiers

Regionals - Apr 16,17 @ Waxahachie

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