Prekindergarten Program @ WSISD

Pre-Kindergarten Family Engagement Plan

Goal #1 - Facilitate a family-to-family Support

Activities to Support Goal:

Promote family involvement in PreK activities such as parties, field trips, programs.

Examples: Holiday Parties, Family Thanksgiving meal and Christmas Breakfast, Christmas and Awards Program, Open House, Meet the Teacher, Book Fairs and Field Days,

Goal #2 - Establish a network of community resources

Activities to Support Goal:

Place fliers / notices in local area businesses and City Hall.

FB - The Buzz @ Walnut Springs ISD

School website.

Daily folders home with students.

Phone and face-to-face interaction between family and teacher.

Goal #3 - Increase family participation in decision-making

Activities to Support Goal:

Interaction between parents and school.

Goal #4 - Equip families with tools to enhance & extend learning

Activities to Support Goal:

Links to website with resources for Early Childhood Development


Goal #5 - Develop Staff Skills in best practices to support families in meeting children's learning benchmarks

Activities to Support Goal:

Communication between teachers and parents showing student progress and concerns

Daily folder with evidences of student activities and learning experiences.

Goal #6 - Evaluate Plan for modifications and adjustments

Activities to Support Goal:

Meet at the end of each semester. Ongoing informal communication.

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